First look at LEGO for Adults 10290 Pickup Truck

A first review of the upcoming LEGO for Adults vehicle 10290 Pickup Truck has landed online, giving us a closer look at the unlicensed build.

It’s the first vehicle of its type in the theme formerly known as Creator Expert for more reasons than one: not only is it the first pickup truck, but it’s also the first large-scale build not to be based on a specific, real-world vehicle. Instead, it’s a vision almost entirely of the LEGO Group’s imagination, though does take obvious inspiration from 1950s pickup trucks.

LEGO fan media Hoth Bricks already has a copy of 10290 Pickup Truck in hand, and has now published an early review ahead of its launch in October. The 1,677-piece set includes not only the dark red truck, but also a number of sub-assemblies that introduce a narrative element, positioning this truck as belonging to a farmer who’s off to market.

Unfortunately, Hoth Bricks has confirmed fears of a returning problem with casting 10290 Pickup Truck in dark red. “The set mixes dark red parts that have been present in the LEGO catalogue for years, and elements delivered in the so-called new dark red colour that are slightly lighter in colour and that are especially thinner, sometimes to the point of transparency,” the author writes.

“The difference in hue is not obvious depending on the lighting, but it manifests itself from certain angles… when the vehicle is placed on a shelf, these defects fade a little.” If you can get past those colour oddities – call them the result of natural farm wear and tear, if you will – Hoth Bricks says 10290 Pickup Truck ‘deserves your full attention if you are a fan of LEGO vehicles’.

“The price of the set at €119.99 [£119.99 / $129.99 / €129.99 in other EU countries] seems reasonable to me for what this box has to offer,” Hoth Bricks says. “The pickup is very pleasant to assemble, it offers some appreciable features and the accessories that accompany it create an appreciable context.”

You’ll be able to get your hands on 10290 Pickup Truck from October 1, when it launches at and in LEGO Stores. If you’re in the US, you can pre-order it right now.

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