First look at returning character in Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk

A high-quality look at a returning superhero in Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk is giving us a taste of the character before he starts his own series. 

Note that this article will include spoilers for She-Hulk from officially-released promotional material. In a new tweet teasing the upcoming She-Hulk series, the She-Hulk social media team have revealed a closer look at Daredevil in the series and a new look. 

Now dressed in a yellow and red outfit, but still strongly resembling his appearance in the original Netflix series, Daredevil is back in She-Hulk as one of several cameos in the series also including Hulk, Abomination and Wong. 

Image: Marvel Studios

This new costume resembles an early appearance of the character from the comics and those familiar with the original show will likely appreciate the details that match with the costume from the Netflix series. 


With Daredevil getting a brand new series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future, it could be that this teaser is our first look at the outfit that he will use and knowing the history between the LEGO Group and Marvel, it might one day influence a new Daredevil minifigure, though that’s only speculation. 

She-Hulk starts streaming on the revised date of August 18 and a release window for Daredevil: Born Again has been confirmed as Spring 2024. 

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