Five great LEGO ideas for Easter – as a gift or for free models

Easter is almost here and those choosing LEGO over chocolate can find a selection of sets on the online store, as a gift or for the free models.

Whether through belief, preference, allergies, or any other reason, anyone choosing bricks over sweet treats for Easter in 2022 isn’t short of choice on the official online store. It might also be that you’re looking for ways to keep things festive, but also grab the two gifts – 30583 Easter Bunny and 40527 Easter Chicks.

Whatever your reason, here are our five suggestions for LEGO sets to treat yourself or someone else this Easter.

5 – Seasonal sets

Starting off the list, we’ll group the Seasonal models for Easter as there are currently three available on – two from previous years and one for 2022. These include 40523 Easter Rabbits Display, 40463 Easter Bunny and 40380 Easter Sheep. Each includes a small assembly based on the holiday, from a realistic rabbit to a BrickHeadz.


4 – 80032 Chang’e Moon Cake Factory

While not relevant to Easter at first glance, 80032 Chang’e Moon Cake Factory includes a Rabbit mech that can be controlled by either Chang’e or a pair of Rabbit pilots. Add to that a carrot rocket, and this Monkie Kid build is suitably colourful and feature-packed for a technologically-advanced Easter celebration.

3 – 21181 The Rabbit Ranch

Rounding out the rabbit models is LEGO Minecraft’s 21181 The Rabbit Ranch. This model asks if there is a better home for your Rabbits than a giant brick-built version of them and whatever the answer, it makes for an adorable blocky build. It also includes an exclusive Minecraft minifigure and a selection of flowers that help to emphasise the feeling of spring.

2 – 10270 Bookshop

While not relevant to Easter in the build itself, we’ve chosen to include the next modular building to retire on this list as 10270 Bookshop will not only score you both of the Easter gifts but also 40532 Vintage Taxi, which is back for a limited time. Like most modular buildings, it includes a fully-furnished interior and a detailer exterior that should look good on display.

5 – 21226 Art Project

Thanks to a new set of alternate instructions available to VIP members, 21226 Art Project is not only relevant to Easter but makes for a fun activity for families to build together on the day. Each of the nine sections can be constructed separately with whatever design you like from the instructions, or any that you may have in mind. They can then be combined into a collage of mosaics to hang on a wall.

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