Five things we learned from Our LEGO Stories’ first episode

The new Our LEGO Stories podcast has unveiled several new details regarding the development of LEGO VIDIYO, including the meaning behind L.L.A.M.A. and the LEGO Group’s internal workings.

The LEGO Group’s podcast catalogue continues to grow with the first episode of Our LEGO Stories focusing on the development of VIDIYO, with guests from both companies including the Vice President of the Universal Music Group.

At just over 20 minutes long, it’s definitely worth a listen with personal stories from LEGO designers and other employees. However, if you simply don’t have the time then here are five things we learned about the development of LEGO Vidiyo and more.

5 – LEGO VIDIYO began under the stairs

It turns out that LEGO VIDIYO’s development began with a five-day workshop at an off-site location, with employees from across the LEGO Group bringing their ideas together for the next theme. Unfortunately, by the end of the workshop, none of the ideas struck a chord with the creative minds, all apart from one. Morgan James Walker had retained a single sketch, the first evidence of LEGO VIDIYO and simply had to share his idea with Tom Donaldson in a meeting under the stairs. Morgan’s passion convinced Tom to go ahead with the idea, bringing us the theme we have today.


4 – Passion decides projects

Speaking to Tom Donaldson, Senior Vice President of the LEGO Creative Play Lab, it’s been unveiled that the LEGO Group only shuts an idea down when the passion simply isn’t there. Specifically, Tom recalls that if he sees that members of the team behind a project are willing to fight for its existence, the development will continue. This most likely means that every original LEGO theme we have today has team members who have exhibited a passion for it, such as with LEGO VIDIYO when the Senior Vice President attended an impromptu meeting regarding the first idea for the theme.

3 – Experience first, products second

The development of LEGO VIDIYO always followed a single idea. The theme was to be an experience first, and a product second. This idea was no doubt led by the development of the app, and the social sharing platform within it. Despite all this, it still manages to bring some of the most creative and unique minifigures and sets seen from the company. It is quite interesting to know this fact when looking at the sets, which all tie into the app in some way. For one, both the BeatBoxes and 43101 Bandmates share BeatBits, which the app can scan.

2 – Going to Denmark was intimidating

Speaking to Joshua Burke of the Universal Music Group, he noted that after the initial meetings at Abbey Road Studios regarding the theme, the company was asked to come to Denmark to continue the conversation. “They gave us a little teaser over the phone, but they asked that we meet them in their office in Denmark which was frankly another intimidating endeavour for us,” said Joshua Burke, who went on to clarify that the intimidating feeling was only because of the amazing goings-on at the LEGO Group’s HQ. Thankfully, it seems that LEGO Designers don’t bite.

1 – The Party Llama was the clear choice for a record deal

As part of LEGO VIDIYO’s promotion, a new artist was signed by the Universal Music Group. This artist is the first minifigure to sign a global record deal, and was always the number one choice for the role, out of all the characters in the theme. Maybe it was the brightly-coloured fur, or possibly the cool, blue shades but something about the Party Llama made him the clear and only choice. As a final fact for the podcast, the meaning behind the artist’s name, L.L.A.M.A was revealed to be Love Laughter and Music Always.

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