Footage of Marvel Studios’ Loki, Star Wars: Ahsoka and more revealed

A new trailer teasing Disney+ releases in 2023 has revealed footage of Star Wars: Ahsoka, Marvel Studios’ Loki, Secret Invasion and more. 

There’s a lot to look forward to on Disney+ in 2023 including new series for Star Wars and Marvel, entries from Pixar and a show based on Peter Pan. To promote these additions to Disney+, a trailer featuring the first footage from some of these titles has been shared online

Every Star Wars series has been represented in a LEGO set so Ahsoka seems worth keeping an eye on to see what models it could inspire. Similarly, MCU shows have had sets and a Collectible Minifigures Series so Loki and Secret Invasion will receive similar treatment in the future. Rumours for LEGO Disney in 2023 include a reported Peter Pan model, so we’ll highlight the footage from the Peter Pan & Wendy film too. 

Loki Season 2

Arriving at some point in summer 2023, the second season of Loki continues from the cliffhanger at the end of the first season, with a statue of a Kang variant now placed in the middle of the TVA headquarters. The new footage features a look at Sylvie, Mobius, and Loki with the latter two wearing tuxedos in one scene. 


Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion’s footage wasn’t as prevalent as that for the second season of Loki but we did get a look at an upset Skrull and Emilia Clarke’s character. There’s not much to infer about the series here but it’s expected in Spring 2023. 

Peter Pan & Wendy

As the latest in Disney’s recent recreations of animated movies as live-action projects, Peter Pan & Wendy’s footage from the trailer gives us a first look at the titular character’s look in the 2023 film, as well as Tinkerbell. 


Ahsoka had the least footage in the 2023 Disney+ trailer with only one scene featured. Ahsoka, played by Rosario Dawson, removes a hood in an unclear location. It may be a temple from Star Wars: Rebels as characters from the animated series will make their live-action debut in the series and rumours suggest that multiple eras of Ahsoka’s life will be explored in the 2023 Star Wars show. 

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