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After writing about the first sets to contain cheese slope pieces in Origins, I started wondering which set had the most of those tiny little parts. Today’s Brick Fanatics Hall of Fame entrant blows all other sets completely out of the water, when looking to see which release claims the title of cheesiest set.  75098_box1_na-hothAs a piece, the cheese slope – officially titled Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3 – is everywhere, included in almost ever

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set released now. While the vast majority of sets have fewer than ten, there are still a large number that have more, and in the case of one set an awful lot more. This year alone, there have been multiple sets containing more than 50 cheese slope pieces, including the much derided 75098 Assault on Hoth and 76052 Classic Batcave sets, with 102 and 85 copies of the parts in various colours respectively. 10234-1-sydney-opera-houseThat 100 count mark begins to narrow the field quickly. In addition to Assault on Hoth, only four other sets have that quantity – 10194 Emerald Night with 110, 10196 Grand Carousel with 111, and 10234 Sydney Opera House also at 110 constitute our runner ups for including the most cheese slopes. All of them put the parts to good use, achieving distinctive shapes which contribute significantly to the appeal of these sets. Amazingly, even if you were to combine all the cheese slopes from these three sets together for a total of 331 you would have just over 50% of the total number included in our winner.

Crushing the competition with a total count of 585 cheese slopes is 10214 Tower Bridge. The cheesy statistics on this set are truly astounding – 556 them are the same color, tan. With a total piece count of 3991, 15% of this sets parts are cheese slopes in different colors. A quick look at 10214 reveals how the bridge scored so many of this particular component – most of its distinctive architectural features have been achieved with SNOT techniques using cheese slopes. The corners of the towers, their pinnacles, the miniature vehicles, all take a share of those 585 tiny parts.



Brick Fanatics Hall of Fame: 

Largest Piece – 7994 City Harbour’s Boat Hull 

Tallest Minifigure Scale Set – 10237 Tower of Orthanc

First System Set With Over 1000 Pieces – 6542 Launch and Load Seaport

Set with Most 2×4 Bricks – 3450 Statue of Liberty

Largest LEGO HQ – 7709 Sentai Headquarters

Tallest Minifigure Scale Set – 71040 The Disney Castle

Brick Fanatics Hall of Shame: 

Printed Headlights

Extreme Team10214-0000-xx-33-2

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