Hall of Fame: Most 2×4 Bricks

When you hear the word LEGO, what brick first comes to mind? Chances are, for many of us, it is the basic two by four brick, and chances are you are picturing it in red. There have been over 2000 sets which have included it in one colour or another. Which had the most? Which set can claim the title of most basic two by four bricks contained within its box? Today we are going to find out.

4625629This bastion of the LEGO brand is almost as ubiquitous as the company logo. Recently, it has seen a resurgence in set inclusion thanks to the blocky building style of Minecraft. Offerings such as 2110 The Snow Hideout include a generous helping of these basic bricks. Outside of such sets, brick buckets are often the most likely place to find a pile of two by fours. I remember getting hundreds of them when I splurged on a bunch of the 1200 piece Blue Buckets back in 1998.

Blue Tub
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Yet astonishingly, brick buckets and other specialty offerings such as Dacta, which we often have to exclude from these Hall of Fame entries so they don’t always win (a Dacta set may have 50 minifigures, but if it costs $800 and isn’t available to the general public…), do not claim this particular title anyway. There is a set which wins in its own right, and by a healthy margin.


Clocking in with an impressive 217 copies of the two by four in several colours, 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E is our runner up. Released in 2014, this set utilised the part in question for portions of its hull with the majority used to construct the cargo. With a piece count of 1518, the two by fours included make up an jaw dropping 14.2% of its components. Yet even with such impressive stats, it is not our champion.

Statue of LIberty
Image courtesy of Brickset.com

The honour goes to a set which was the byproduct of the LEGO Group floundering in the early 1990s to get something, anything, to sell. Amidst a hash of remakes, LEGO Factory, Galidor, Jack Stone and other monstrosities, there were a few gems. One of them was 3450 Statue of Liberty. Almost all of its 2882 parts were rare Sand Green (good luck trying to source this set) and of that pile of plastic, 413 were two by four bricks, nearly double the runner up. Lady Liberty also, albeit barely, edges 10241 in the percentage category with 14.3% of its contents being two by four bricks. A truly unique set that proves that the two by four can be the basis of a very attractive set for AFOLs.

Brick Fanatics Hall of Fame Honourees: 

Largest Piece – 7994 City Harbour’s Boat Hull 

Tallest Minifigure Scale Set – 10237 Tower of Orthanc

First System Set With Over 1000 Pieces – 6542 Launch and Load Seaport

Set with Most 2×4 Bricks – 3450 Statue of Liberty

Brick Fanatics Hall of Shame: 

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