How the LEGO Group embraced social media

As the LEGO Group has shown incredible growth over the past decade, the company has simultaneously embraced fan creations online.

More About Advertising credits the LEGO group as being a ‘hard to beat’ social media success story. According to the website’s article, the LEGO Group is ‘at the forefront of social and digital innovation’.

Early campaigns using organic reach on social media were relatively simple – for example offering Lego prizes to those who came up with the most imaginative uses for some of the characters it encouraged fans to create – but nonetheless powerful in their output. Social platforms allowed people to Lego fans to fulfil their need of both playing together and sharing pride in their creations.

Kronkiwongi is noted as a particular stroke of genius, which saw children encouraged to build something inspired by the made-up word and show their creativity.

More companies need to realise that if their brand is to remain relevant (or indeed remain in existence at all), relinquishing previously strict brand rules and providing the means for its fans, and potential new customers, to engage with them can make not only “play well” but play brilliantly.

With the LEGO Life app offering an official brick branded social platform, the LEGO Group has come a long way since the early days of the company’s online presence.


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