How to Beat… Stress visits the LEGO Group on Channel 4 tonight

Channel 4’s How to Beat… series tackles stress tonight, with a visit to the LEGO Group.

Renowned for staff welfare, the LEGO Group will feature on tonight’s episode of How to Beat… on Channel 4 in the UK. How to Beat… Stress will air at 8.00pm, following a group of volunteers trialling lifestyle changes.

Each week, the series looks at a different topic that audiences might be concerned about and provides practical tips that can be applied to everyday life.

Here is the official episode synopsis:

Ten stressed volunteers, from a firefighter to a chef, trial lifestyle changes. Can hobbies, mindfulness – and cutting back on booze and caffeine – lower their stress levels?

The episode will also visit the LEGO Group, as the company is known for creating a positive working environment for employees.

In the USA, viewers are getting a taste of televised LEGO every week in LEGO MASTERS, which sees team competing for a $100,000 prize as well as the title of LEGO MASTERS. Each week the pairs compete in challenges as they are knocked out one team at a time.

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