Make a huge saving on LEGO ICONS 10302 Optimus Prime at Zavvi

The only official LEGO Transformers set is now 22% off at Zavvi, beating the recent price increases on the one-of-a-kind model. 

The unique nature of 10302 Optimus Prime can’t be understated as the model is the result of the first-ever partnership between the LEGO Group and Hasbro with both companies’ logos even printed on the same box.  

Released earlier this year, you can now save 22% on this transforming model with the latest sale at Zavvi, discounting the build from its new RRP of £159.99 to £124.99. That’s a saving of £35 from its updated RRP. 

Click here to roll out and grab 10302 Optimus Prime from Zavvi now for £124.99 

As previously mentioned, 10302 Optimus Prime can transform between truck and robot forms without needing to rebuild the entire model.  

Based on the first generation of the Autobot, 10302 Optimus Prime includes several accessories from the original series including an Energon cube, Energon axe, ion blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership and an informative plaque that can be displayed aside from the Transformers build. Some of these accessories can be stored in and on Optimus Prime when he is in truck form too. 

Click here to roll out and grab 10302 Optimus Prime from Zavvi now for £124.99 

The LEGO Group’s partnership with Hasbro has resulted in the development of the first LEGO Transformers model and you can remember this part of LEGO history by getting your hands on the build. Those planning to add it to their collection might as well pick up 10302 Optimus Prime at a discount from Zavvi

10302 Optimus Prime is available now from Zavvi for the discounted price of £124.99, saving you 22% on its recently increased RRP of £159.99.  

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