Is LEGO Dimensions about to be cancelled?

The writing may be on the wall for LEGO Dimensions, the collaboration between the LEGO Group and TT games that combines physical brick play with a video game experience.

Bricks to Life is reporting rumours from ‘trusted sources’ that once the year two content has been released, LEGO Dimensions will wind down, with the intended year three (and possibly some of the late year two content) never making it to market. The article does note that, as always, nothing is certain until an official announcement is made, but makes it clear that one should be expected at some point.

Additional evidence cited includes some of the unknown slots for further expansion being removed as part of an in-game update, LEGO Dimensions shunted to the bottom of the TT Games meeting agenda and developers within the company are being moved to work on other titles.


Disney Infinity, the other big toys-to-life game based on an existing IP closed down last year – this was seen as possible boon to LEGO Dimensions, but some industry experts warned of it signalling an end to this gaming submarket.

The Bricks to Life report reminds readers that originally, LEGO Dimensions promised three years of content with just one starter pack, to counter the impression that Disney Infinity and Skylanders had left years with when a new pack was required on an annual basis. Even without that repeated expense, it seems buying packs ranging in price from £14.99 to £39.99 to expand the game proved too much for gift buyers and collectors.

It’s disappointing news for fans of the expansive game, but Bricks to life offer a little sugar at the end of the article, suggesting that Lord Vortech may finally be coming in physical as well as playable form before the year is out.


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