Klutz announces LEGO Gearbots book at New York Toy Fair

A new official LEGO STEAM-based book will arrive later this year, LEGO Gearbots.

Klutz, the publisher behind LEGO Gadgets and LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions, are unveiling a new book at New York Toy Fair – LEGO Gearbots.

LEGO Gearbots will be available from August 2020, priced at $24.99. Here is the official synopsis:

Build eight physics-driven kinetic creatures using LEGO Technic bricks and papercraft. Learn about axels, cams, cranks, and how mechanical engineers use them in everyday machines!

Like the previous books, this one will come with the necessary Technic elements to follow along – but papercraft will also be involved, adding another dimension to the creativity.

“Our goal in creating our STEAM-based products is to help kids find the fun in what is often seen as intimidating,” says Stacy Lellos, President of Klutz. “Our subversively educational kits help kids build resilience while becoming creative problem-solvers who will develop into the innovators and leaders of the future!”

As soon as a cover image is available, Brick Fanatics will share it.

Other announcements ahead of New York Toy Fair include LEGO Star Wars 75292 The Razor Crest and LEGO Minions.

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