LEGO 10295 Porsche 911 is now available to order for VIPs

LEGO VIP members can now order the latest 18+ vehicle, 10295 Porsche 911, from the official online store.

If you’re in the UK, Europe, or basically anywhere except North America, you’ll also bag a Porsche owners’ pack for picking up the 2-in-1 set. The freebie was originally scheduled to go live worldwide, but was cancelled in the US and Canada at the very last minute over ‘shipping challenges’.

Still, that promo probably wasn’t going to be much of a set seller in and of itself anyway (it’s basically just a few art prints), so hopefully you won’t feel too stung by missing out if you are in either of those territories. Besides, you can still grab the main attraction, which thankfully hasn’t been plagued by the same logistical issues.

10295 Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Targa 4

10295 Porsche 911 is the first 2-in-1 build in the large System vehicle line-up (unless you count 10265 Ford Mustang’s removable turbocharger and spoiler), giving you the parts needed to construct either a convertible Targa or coupe Turbo variant. You can’t build both at the same time, though – unless you order two, of course, and nobody would judge you if you did.

You’ll need to spend £119.99 / $149.99 / €129.99 to bag the 1,458-piece set. If you top up your order with another £30.01 / €20.01 of product in the UK or Europe respectively, you’ll also net December’s gift-with-purchase, 40416 Ice Skating Rink, which is once again available with orders above £150 / €150.

10295 Porsche 911 will be available exclusively to VIPs until March 1, when it will go on wider sale at and in LEGO Stores (where they’re open). Fortunately, joining the VIP program costs absolutely nothing – so if you haven’t already, get signed up and order yourself a brand new Porsche before the masses.

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