LEGO ICONS 10303 Loop Coaster now available to all

Hold on to your hats: LEGO ICONS 10303 Loop Coaster is now available to any and all who dare to ride it, regardless of your VIP status.

The stunningly impractical new addition to the Fairground Collection – which sits a whopping 92cm tall – launched for LEGO VIPs only at the beginning of July, but that early access period has now ended. That means 10303 Loop Coaster is now available to everyone (at least while it’s still in stock at

As you’d expect of such a colossal build, 10303 Loop Coaster is no small investment. But for your money, you’ll get not only a towering roller coaster that includes the LEGO Group’s first-ever loops (created using brand new elements), but also an extensive build experience that incorporates 3,756 pieces and 11 minifigures.

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There are unfortunately no motors in the box, but it’s surprisingly simple to operate manually, with the entire mechanism working from a single crank. If you do want to automate the ride, click here to find out exactly what you’ll need to do it – and how much it’ll cost.

10303 Loop Coaster switches up its colour scheme from 2018’s 10261 Roller Coaster, so you might have a hard time combining them into one super coaster (unless you’re happy to run with an eclectic red-and-yellow track, of course). But pretty much all good theme parks have more than one coaster, so your LEGO fairground surely deserves the same.

That’s how we’re justifying picking up our copy, anyway. Let us know how you’re validating your purchase in the comments below.

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