LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71038 Disney 100 has more than doubled princess minifigures

The reveal of 71038 Disney 100 has more than doubled the number of Disney Princess minifigures, leaving less than half of the group to go. 

71038 Disney 100 is out on May 1 with 18 characters to collect, featuring mostly new faces for the world of LEGO. From Dr Facilier to Miguel, it’s an impressive selection of characters celebrating a century of the company. 

However, four of the slots in 71038 Disney 100 are taken up by various Disney Princesses who have yet to receive a minifigure. The full cast of Disney Princesses consists of the following characters: 

Disney Princess Movie 
Snow White Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 
Cinderella Cinderella 
Aurora Sleeping Beauty 
Ariel The Little Mermaid 
Belle Beauty and the Beast 
Jasmine Aladdin 
Pocahontas Pocahontas 
Mulan Mulan 
Tiana The Princess and the Frog 
Rapunzel Tangled 
Merida Brave 
Moana Moana 
Raya Raya and the Last Dragon 

The reveal of 71038 Disney 100 has more than doubled the number of Disney Princess minifigures with seven now available, but another Disney 100 LEGO set is to thank too. 


Disney Princess Minifigure debut year 
Aurora 2023 
Ariel 2016 
Jasmine 2019 
Pocahontas 2023 
Mulan 2023 
Tiana 2023 
Moana 2023 

Joining Ariel and Jasmine from the first two Disney Collectable Minifigure series in 2023 is Aurora, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana from 71038 Disney 100 and Moana from 43212 Disney Celebration Train, bringing the total from two to seven in 2023. 

With seven Disney Princesses as minifigures, there are just six to go, all of which have at least one mini-doll already. These include Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Raya and Merida. We’ll have to see whether these remaining characters can complete the minifigure line-up in the future.  

For now, 71038 Disney 100 has made excellent progress towards that goal and you can find out more about the series by clicking here

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