LEGO Bricktober exclusives coming to Toys R Us Hong Kong

Toys R Us Hong Kong is still alive and well, as images of four new LEGO Bricktober exclusives demonstrate.

Four new LEGO Bricktober sets are coming this year to Toys R Us Hong Kong during September and October. Each model represents a different season in a micro scale build, with the first one coming on September 24, then a new one each week until fans have had the chance to get all four for a complete set.

Here are the sets with the relevant dates, as revealed by Brickfinder:

September 24 to 30

LEGO Bricktober Hong Kong Toys R Us 1

October 1 to 7

LEGO Bricktober Hong Kong Toys R Us 2

October 8 to 21

LEGO Bricktober Hong Kong Toys R Us 3
October 22 to 28

LEGO Bricktober Hong Kong Toys R Us 4

The four models have bases in the same style that can be attached to make for a larger display. It is expected that the sets will be free when customers at Toys R Us buy LEGO products reaching a certain price threshold, which is not yet confirmed.

Last year’s Bricktober sets ended up all over the place after the closure of Toys R Us in a number of locations including the UK and USA, with collectors having a tough time tracking them all down.

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