LEGO Certified Stores are coming to South Africa for the first time

As the LEGO Group continues to expand around the globe, LEGO Certiffed Stores are coming to South Africa.

The very first LEGO Certified Store in South Africa will open in Sandton City on July 28. Certified Stores are slightly different to Brand Stores, in that the former are run on a franchise model, unlike the latter which are owned by the LEGO Group. From the consumer’s perspective, there is little to differentiate the two.

Fortress reports that a company called the Great Yellow Brick CO will bring the stores to South Africa for the first time, having made a deal with LEGO Group and ready to make a multi-million rand investment. The Sandton City store will measure 179 metres squared, and will be decked out in the way that LEGO retail locations are around the world.

“South Africans have had decades-long love for LEGO sets and products, from children who learn the basics of construction, fine-motor skills or the sheer possibilities of the imagination, to adults who will go to extraordinary lengths to complete their themed collections,” Kristian Imhof, Country Manager for the LEGO Group in South Africa told the website. “We are excited that this dedicated store will give fans old and new the opportunity to continue building their LEGO world.”

As is expected for a LEGO Certified Store, fans will find exclusive products and special build activities when it opens on July 28.


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