LEGO City 60172 Dirt Road Pursuit official images

Official images of one of the 2018 released from LEGO City, 60172 Dirt Road Pursuit, have been uncovered.

Brickset reports the news that a set from next year’s LEGO City line, 60172 Dirt Road Pursuit, has been revealed through official imagery. It will be part of the Police subtheme launching in January 2018, with a 4×4 Police vehicle and Police motorcycle in pursuit of a bad guy vehicle.


The box highlights the new ‘net shooter’, a bespoke pieces that will fire the existing LEGO nets as a play feature. It looks like a potentially fun addition, and it is reassuring to see that like the stud shooter it is designed with a firing existing element in mind.


It was rumoured earlier this year that the Police subtheme in 2018 would be Mountain Police, which the box art for this set seems to back up. Behind the ranger type minifigure’s face are fern trees in front of a snowy peak, demonstrating that although these sets may be similar to the Forest Police from 2012, there is a slightly different focus this time around.


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