LEGO City Black Friday deals 2023

LEGO City Black Friday deals are upon us once more, as Black Friday 2023 is set to bring us plenty of bargains from the renewed and refreshed evergreen theme across various retailers. Keep up to date on all the latest LEGO City deals below.

LEGO City is one of the LEGO Group’s most prolific themes, with dozens of different sets released in 2023 alone. We’ve seen sales across the theme throughout the year, and we’re expecting even more great discounts over the Black Friday period.

LEGO City Black Friday deals by retailer

Click these retailer links to see the LEGO City Black Friday deals throughout November, or read on for the best and latest LEGO City deals.

Latest LEGO City Black Friday deals

You’ll find all the latest LEGO City Black Friday 2023 deals in the table below. This table will be updated regularly as more deals appear.

Retailer Set RRP Black Friday price Black Friday Saving Link
The Entertainer 60379 Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine £94.99 £71.24 £23.75 Sold out
Hamleys 60337 Express Passenger Train £139.99 £104.99 £35 Buy now
The Entertainer 60357 Stunt Truck & Ring Of Fire Challenge £44.99 £29.99 £15 Buy now
The Entertainer 60338 Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop £49.99 £29.99 £20 Buy now
The Entertainer 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck £39.99 £26.99 £13.33 Sold out
John Lewis 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation £79.99 £59.99 £20 Sold out
John Lewis 60337 Express Passenger Train £139.99 £104.99 £35 Sold out
John Lewis 60372 Police Training Academy £79.99 £59.99 £20 Sold out
Hamleys 60337 Police Training Academy £79.99 £60 £19.99 Buy now

Best LEGO City Black Friday deals

Check back regularly for the best LEGO City Black Friday deals, discounts and promotions that the internet has to offer in 2023.

LEGO CITY Black Friday deals

The LEGO Group has refreshed its core themes for 2023, including LEGO City, which has gone to weird and wonderful new places under the purview of new Creative Lead Simon Lucas. That makes it one of the most interesting themes to look out for this Black Friday, with the potential for great deals on unique sets.

This summer’s Arctic Explorer subtheme is packed with extraordinary animals, for example, with sets like 60379 Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine and 60368 Arctic Explorer Ship both ripe for Black Friday discounts. This year has also brought us the biggest LEGO City set of all time in 60380 Downtown, and a deal or two on that 2,010-piece urban landscape would be a dream come true for budding city planners.

Elsewhere, sets like 60365 Apartment Building and 60398 Family House and Electric Car offer more traditional ‘slices of life’ that we actually don’t see too often under the LEGO City banner, and are ripe for buying in multiples – for the right price come Black Friday, anyway…

LEGO CITY police Black Friday deals

Police is one of LEGO City’s most consistent subthemes, at least in terms of its regular presence in the line-up. For 2023, the LEGO Group decided to shake up the tried-and-tested approach of police stations, cars and trucks with 60372 Police Training Academy – a set seemingly inspired by Total Wipeout – and 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training, which features one of the year’s most inventive minifigures (wearing a dog training suit).

These new and unique takes on a LEGO police state have been on shelves since the beginning of 2023, so are ripe for a Black Friday discount this year. Looking slightly further back, we wouldn’t be surprised to see equally great deals on last year’s 60316 Police Station and 60315 Police Mobile Command Truck, if you’re after a slightly more familiar taste of LEGO City’s police sets. 

LEGO CITY retiring Black Friday deals

The latest list of retiring LEGO sets is always a good place to look for Black Friday discounts, and a huge roster of LEGO City sets are due to retire this year.

Top picks across this year’s retiring sets include 60330 Hospital, 60349 Lunar Space Station and the newly-released 60398 Family House and Electric Car. All of those could conceivably enjoy decent Black Friday deals, making this the best time to buy them before they’re gone for good. Retiring LEGO sets usually sell out within the weeks and months leading up to December 31.

LEGO CITY Arctic Explorer Black Friday deals

If it’s LEGO animals you’re after, make a beeline for this summer’s Arctic Explorer sets. These models – a mash-up of previous Arctic and Deep Sea subthemes – have only just arrived on shelves, but are already seeing steady discounts at some retailers. We’re expecting even better deals on the likes of 60368 Arctic Explorer Ship and 60379 Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine during the Black Friday period.

Included among these sets are sharks, turtles, polar bears, seals, brick-built jellyfish and even an orca, along with various foliage, terrain and some pretty cool vehicles and minifigures. They’re definitely worth keeping an eye on across Black Friday.

LEGO CITY space Black Friday deals

Outer space has been a very popular choice of subject matter for LEGO, with products in the City line offering a more realistic depiction of humanity’s exploration of the great unknown. Last year’s sets draw direct inspiration from NASA’s planned moon missions, and even feature official NASA branding in some cases – and they’re all due to retire in 2023.

That makes them prime candidates for LEGO Black Friday deals in 2023, and in particular 60351 Rocket Launch Centre and 60350 Lunar Research Base. Both are among the most expensive LEGO City sets currently on the market, and big prices often means big discounts…

Will LEGO City sets be included in Black Friday deals?

Most likely, yes – the LEGO Group has held its own Black Friday shopping event for several years now and retailers will often feature exciting discounts on LEGO sets. The best deals are typically found over the entire weekend following Black Friday, up to and including Cyber Monday.

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday lands on November 24 in 2022, which means the LEGO Group’s Black Friday event will likely take place from November 24 to 27. That includes Cyber Monday, which falls on November 27 this year, and may even have its own exclusive LEGO deals, separate to Black Friday.

What time do LEGO deals start on Black Friday?

The LEGO Group’s Black Friday deals typically go live at midnight local time, so keep an eye on from 00.01 on November 24 to see what’s on offer in 2023. Third-party retailers will often set their deals live from as early as the beginning of November or even the end of October, so keep your eyes peeled…
Be sure to check back on this page before, during and after Black Friday – the LEGO Group often releases early-bird Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, so it really is a great time of the year to be buying LEGO!

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