LEGO City Black Friday deals 2022

Thank you for joining us across Black Friday 2022 in pursuit of the best LEGO City Black Friday deals – as the wait for LEGO City Black Friday 2023 begins, keep track through the rest of the year of the very latest and best LEGO deals here.

LEGO City is one of the LEGO Group’s more prolific themes, with a few dozen different sets released in 2022 alone. Without discounts applied across the theme throughout the year, we’re expecting more great discounts over the Black Friday period.

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Best LEGO City deals

We have the best LEGO City Black Friday deals, discounts and promotions that the internet has to offer in 2022.

Latest LEGO City Black Friday deals

Keep checking back here for all the latest Black Friday deals. We’ll be uploading every LEGO City Black Friday deal in 2022 here as they go live.

CountryRetailerLEGO City setRRPBlack Friday priceBlack Friday savingLink
UK flagTHUMBNAIL Lego60331 Touring Stunt Bike£6.99£4.8930%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL Lego60340 The Blade Stunt Challenge£17.99£12.5930%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL Lego60293 Stunt Park£24.99£17.4930%Buy now
US flagTHUMBNAIL Lego60345 Farmers Market Van$44.99$31.4930%Buy now
US flagTHUMBNAIL Lego60354 Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions$39.99$34.9913%Buy now with VIP discount code
US flagTHUMBNAIL Lego60355 Water Police Detective Missions$39.99$34.9913%Buy now with VIP discount code
UK flagTHUMBNAIL Zavvi60198 Cargo Train£169.99£134.9921%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL Zavvi60339 Double Loop Stunt Arena£129.99£89.9931%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL Zavvi60295 Stunt Show Arena£89.99£49.9944%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL Zavvi60294 Stunt Show Truck£54.99£39.9927%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL ENTERTAINER60339 Double Loop Stunt Arena£129.99£103.9920%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL ENTERTAINER60321 Fire Brigade£89.99£71.9920%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL ENTERTAINER60317 Police Chase at the Bank£89.99£71.9920%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL ENTERTAINER60316 Police Station£59.99£47.9920%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL ENTERTAINER60320 Fire Station£54.99£43.9920%Buy now
UK flagTHUMBNAIL ENTERTAINER60338 Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop£49.99£39.9920%Buy now

LEGO CITY Black Friday deals

LEGO CITY’s diverse product selection and generic nature makes it a solid choice for any LEGO fan. With several dozen sets on shelves, there’s plenty of potential candidates.

60330 Hospital is a good candidate for a Black Friday discount. While it’s a fairly recent release it’s already seen some price reductions – and its subject matter offers considerable play value. 60321 Fire Brigade comes with the same price tag and an enticing urban scene, so retailers could certainly see it as a suitable Black Friday focus.

Most other LEGO CITY sets are relatively cost-effective, so large discounts may prove elusive. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if 60324 Mobile Crane was discounted. The set is a fantastic standalone toy and has recently been caught up in the LEGO Group’s price increases. From that perspective, it could prove particularly popular at this time. 

LEGO CITY police Black Friday deals

LEGO CITY 60246 Police Station

LEGO CITY always has plenty of products inspired by the police force. We’ve seen a new police station (60316 Police Station) grace our presence this year, with a couple of other sets ideally placed for the Black Friday period.

60315 Police Mobile Command Truck is a fully-featured LEGO CITY set, offering a mobile command centre, holding cell and storage for a quad bike. It also comes the natural enemy of police forces – a tractor that can fire eggs at passers-by. While similar models have appeared before, this one has plenty to recommend it, and could catch the eye of retailers.

That said, 60317 Police Chase at the Bank maybe more likely to see a price reduction. It’s considerably more expensive, offering a destructible bank, a stretch of road and several vehicles – including a police van, getaway van and a helicopter. As such, we suspect a lot of people will have it on their Black Friday wishlists.

LEGO CITY retiring Black Friday deals

LEGO CITY 60262 Passenger Airplane lifestyle featured

The list of retiring LEGO sets is always a good place to look for Black Friday discounts, and many different LEGO CITY sets are due to retire this year.

If we had to pick one set likely to receive a discount, it’d be 60262 Passenger Plane. This set depicts an airport scene and is rather expensive, with its unique subject matter (at least within the current product selection) making it particularly sought after. If you’re on the fence, previous trends suggest a wait of a few years before something similar appears.

Other retiring sets to keep an eye on include 60291 Family House, 60292 Town Center and 60329 School Day. Troublingly, several recent releases are also scheduled for retirement. We recommend keeping a close eye on 60347 Grocery Store, as it’s doubtful we’ll get a set like that again soon. 

LEGO CITY wildlife Black Friday deals

LEGO CITY 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp 1

The Wildlife Rescue subtheme has been one of the more charming additions to the LEGO CITY line, thanks to its savannah scenery and new selection of animals. Sadly, the Wildlife Rescue sets are due to retire this year – but their high price also makes discounts more likely.

Make 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation and 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp a priority at this time; they’re the largest and most expensive sets the theme has to offer. As such, some last-minute Black Friday discounts seem entirely plausible. 

LEGO CITY space Black Friday deals

LEGO City 60351 Rocket Launch Center contents

Outer space has been a very popular choice of subject matter for LEGO, with products in the CITY line offering a more realistic depiction of it. 2022’s sets draw direct inspiration from NASA’s planned moon missions, and even feature official NASA branding in some cases.

This may account for the high prices of some of the sets, although discounts have been available on them as well. Keep a close eye on 60351 Rocket Launch Centre; it’s one of the most expensive sets in the entire LEGO CITY line, so it could be a key Black Friday candidate. 60350 is similarly expensive, but has also enjoyed significant discounts. From that perspective, a Black Friday deal here is very possible. 

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