LEGO CITY Black Friday deals 2021

LEGO CITY 60271 Main Square 16

This year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday event takes place from November 26 to 29, and will once again provide an opportunity to save some serious cash on LEGO sets – but will that include the evergreen LEGO CITY theme?

Latest LEGO CITY Black Friday deals has some CITY discounts.


60271 Main Square – was £169.99, now £135.99
60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport – was £119.99, now £95.99 -temporarily out of stock-

The wide range of CITY sets means there’s plenty of discounts on Zavvi right now. You can also visit FireStar Toys and enjoy an exclusive discount via Brick Fanatics. Enter BF10 at checkout for a 10% discount on all products. The latest Black Friday offers can all be found here, and we update them each day.


60197 Passenger Train – was £119.99, now £84.99 -expired-
60292 Town Centre – was £89.99, now £59.99
60282 Fire Command Unit – was £49.99, now £32.99 -expired-
60243 Police Helicopter Chase – was £24.99, now £17.99 -expired-
60304 Road Plates – was £17.99, now £16.99 -expired-
60288 Race Buggy Transporter – was £17.99, now £15.99 -expired-
60248 Fire Helicopter Response – was £17.99, now £15.99
60242 Police Highway Arrest – was £17.99, now £15.95
60198 Cargo Train – was £179.99, now £129.99 -expired-
60266 Ocean Exploration Ship – was £124.99, now £84.99 -expired-


60261 Central Airport – was $59.99, now $49.99
60254 Race Boat Transporter – was $29.99, now $27.99
60139 Police Mobile Command Centre – was $49.99, now $42.99
60244 Police Helicopter Transport – was $49.99, now $42.99
60245 Police Monster Truck Heist – was $59.99, now $49.99 -expired-
60277 Police Patrol Boat – was $59.99, now $49.99
60280 Fire Ladder Truck – was $29.99, now $27.99
60281 Fire Rescue Helicopter – was $39.99, now $36.99
60290 Skate Park – was $39.99, now $35.99
60291 Family House – was $59.99, now $49.99
60197 Passenger Train – was $159.99, now $134.99 -expired-

CITY Australia

60228 Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control – was A$159.99, now A$139.99 -expired-

Argos have also discounted several CITY products; use the TOYS20 code for further discounts.

60197 Passenger Train – was £105.00, now £65.00
60292 Town Centre – was £90.00, now £60.00
60283 Holiday Camper Van – was £18.00, now £12.00

LEGO CITY Black Friday deals

LEGO CITY is among the LEGO Group’s most prolific themes, which means there’s plenty of potential for its sets to go on sale over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Whether you’re in the market for a LEGO CITY police station, LEGO CITY train or LEGO CITY fire station, all the hallmarks of the theme are currently available to purchase – and could therefore see savings across Black Friday.

We’re talking specifically about LEGO CITY sets like 60246 Police Station, 60215 Fire Station and 60197 Passenger Train, all of which are still in stock at – and all of which may enjoy discounts in November.

LEGO CITY police Black Friday deals

LEGO CITY 60246 Police Station

A mainstay of LEGO CITY sets since the theme succeeded Town in the early 2000s, police will basically always be on shelves – but if you’re currently in the market for a LEGO CITY police station, car or helicopter, Black Friday could be the perfect time to shop. Several of 2020’s LEGO CITY police sets are apparently retiring by the end of the year, including 60239 Police Patrol Car and 60242 Police Highway Arrest, and are therefore likely to see discounts across Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

LEGO CITY retiring Black Friday deals

Dozens of LEGO CITY sets will be leaving shelves in 2021, presumably to make way for dozens more in 2022. Among those are models we can expect to see swiftly replaced by updated versions, including 60246 Police Station, and others that might not return for a while, such as 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship. Either way, there’s a good chance we’ll see any and all of them discounted for Black Friday

LEGO CITY wildlife Black Friday deals

LEGO CITY 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp 1

LEGO CITY’s new wildlife range may not enjoy the lion’s share of this year’s deals, given it’s only just arrived on shelves, but we’d certainly relish the chance to grab any of the theme’s brand new animals – including the first LEGO elephants in years – at a cheaper price. But even if they stay at full RRP, the potential of double VIP points or gifts-with-purchase would still make Black Friday a great time to buy 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation and 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp.

LEGO CITY space Black Friday deals

LEGO Space has made a return through LEGO CITY sets in recent years, and that includes a few models that are reportedly retiring in 2021. 60226 Mars Research Shuttle, 60228 Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control and 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport all launched in 2019 and are now approaching the end of their respective missions into orbit – which hopefully means the LEGO Group will slash their prices for Black Friday.

Head here for a complete theme-by-theme breakdown of what to expect from LEGO Black Friday in 2021, and check back regularly for all of this year’s LEGO CITY deals as they’re announced.