The new LEGO Classic Space minifigures may have been hiding in plain sight

While new LEGO Classic Space figures are coming in 2023, their arrival might have been teased at some point before that. 

The LEGO Group tends to innovate with its new product designs, but it’s not above appealing to our nostalgia as well. 2023 is providing us with two new products sure to appeal to LEGO Classic Space fans: a Classic Space astronaut with a brown suit, and a Classic space helmet and air tanks in purple. The former can be found in Series 24 of the Collectible Minifigures, while the latter will be appearing in 80111 Lunar New Year Parade. They should allow you to make some tweaks to 2022’s Space Creature minifigure, which featured a Classic Space torso in purple.

While these characters came as a surprise to us, a recent tweet from Twitter user @dewlanna suggests that maybe they shouldn’t have. That’s because it appears to include a screenshot from a LEGO Rebuild the World advertisement, which includes both purple and brown Classic Space astronauts. 

We’re not sure exactly which advert the screenshot has come from, but we’re confident it does originate from one of the LEGO Group’s marketing efforts. That’s because of its use of realistic LEGO minifigure costumes, which were (for some time) a hallmark of LEGO advertisements. All of the Classic Space suit colours in the picture have now officially appeared in LEGO form, but – full disclosure – we haven’t gotten the Classic Space helmet in green yet.

In any case, it’s an interesting bit of symmetry between LEGO sets and the marketing efforts surrounding them. Look out for the new Classic Space characters at from January 1 onwards, or pick up 10497 Galaxy Explorer now instead. It recreates an iconic ship from the Classic Space era and features four Classic Space minifigures – making it an ideal addition to any LEGO Space collection.

If you’re curious about where LEGO Classic Space might go in the future, you may want to check out our feature on LEGO Classic Space colours as well.

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