LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71037 Series 24’s Koala is versatile

There’s a new animal in Collectible Minifigures 71037 Series 24 and thanks to an integrated clip connection, the LEGO koala is surprisingly versatile.

As one of 12 minifigures in 71037 Series 24, all of which we reviewed here, the Conservationist includes the new-for-2023 koala element perfect for any brick-built zoos or nature reserves in your collection.

However, this koala can cling to anything with a bar connection, making it an exceedingly versatile accessory and perfect for some outlandish scenes. Following our initial report on what this new koala can hold, we’ve put the piece to the test to see what 71037 Series 24’s new brick can hold.

4 – Iconic weapons

Designed for minifigure’s clawed hands, many iconic weapons from the Monkey King’s staff, Jay’s nunchucks, Mjolnir and even a lightsaber can all be wielded, or at least held by the koala. Even with the taller weaponry, the koala’s weight helps it balance surprisingly well.


3 – Webbing

As seen above swinging with Spider-Man in front of 76178 The Daily Bugle, the plastic sections on the rope element can be held by the koala in case they fancy swinging with the superhero, as dangerous as it might be. This may work with the rubberised element coming later in 2023 too, though we’ve yet to test this as the sets are not released at the time of writing.

2 – Landmarks

Combining the koala with the likes of the LEGO Architecture skyline sets, including 21028 New York City, can lead to some interesting scenes inspired by King Kong. The bar element on the top of the miniature Empire State Building works well with the koala as does the Statue of Liberty’s head as the small minifigure recreation’s head is the same width as a bar brick.

1 – Plants

Rounding out this list of experimental images, the koala is also perfectly capable of holding a bouquet of flowers or most minifigure-scale LEGO plants as the animal shows its sweeter side to the Conservationist.

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