LEGO DC Super Villains set to be “biggest DC video game ever”

The Vice President of DC Interactive/Animation recently discussed the upcoming release, LEGO DC Super Villains.

During San Diego Comic Con, Shack News spoke to Ames Kirshen, Vice President of DC’s Interactive/Animation division, to ask him about the upcoming LEGO DC Super Villains game.

Kirshen spoke about the important of the LEGO games, and how long they have been running for. “The games have been such a big part of our portfolio since 2007, 2008, I forget which year it was the first one came out. It’s really been a great way for families and kids to have their gateway into the DC universe through video games.”

“The stories that we’re going to tell, the amount of characters and different factions and teams that are going to be part of this game are making this the biggest DC video game ever, and I think that fans are going to love it,” he said about LEGO DC Super Villains.

He was also asked about the humour in the LEGO released, causing him to reflect on what separates the different types of DC video games. “It’s great because when you think about our popular video game franchises Arkham and Injustice, just to name two, they really appeal to the more core, mature fan, right? But to be able to then offer a more family friendly interpretation of the universe in the LEGO games so we are appealing to all audiences, just shows the amazing depth and elasticity of the DC universe.”


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