LEGO designers demonstrate DOTS home décor

In a new video, LEGO designers demonstrate the LEGO DOTS home décor items and share a little of the thought process behind the set designs.

With LEGO DOTS offering a new way for children to interact with LEGO elements, a new video shares a demonstration of the home décor items. As well as demonstrating the concept, the designers share a few tidbits about what went into the model design for 41906 Pineapple Pencil Holder (review).

“When designing the pineapple we wanted to make it as easy to build as possible,” says LEGO Designer Laura Perron. “So we did that in a few ways. We have these coloured layers that make it really easy to see which layer you’re on then we have these large layers that make building really fast and easy.”

Brick Fanatics interviews Amy Corbett, the Design Lead on LEGO DOTS

The sets aim to reach children who enjoy patterning and design, but do not feel confident with the full LEGO system.

“With the dots you can make really colourful patterns but you can also change the expressions of these animals,” says Laura, talking about 41904 Animal Picture Holders.

In order to make a splash, the LEGO Group hired artist Camille Walala to design the HOUSE OF DOTS, a temporary installation that was located in London for a weekend in January.

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