LEGO DOTS reported to be partnering with Harry Potter in 2023

According to a price comparison site, LEGO DOTS will be crossing over with Harry Potter in 2023 as listings for nine sets appear online. 

Brickmerge has added listings for nine LEGO DOTS 2023 models to their database, suggesting that the theme will be teaming up with LEGO Harry Potter in 2023. While not yet confirmed by the LEGO Group, a trio of sets named Harry Potter are now listed on brickmerge.

This would be the second time that DOTS has featured licensed sets following the LEGO DOTS Disney wave earlier in 2022 and the second time LEGO Harry Potter was featured in another theme following 31201 Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests.

Aside from these Harry Potter DOTS listings, there are six others with translated names that indicate the theme will otherwise feature the usual imagination-inspiring accessories and customisable builds. 

Here’s a look at every LEGO DOTS 2023 listing from brickmerge to give you an idea of what to expect from LEGO DOTS next year, but note that these have not been confirmed by the LEGO Group at the time of writing and the names have been translated:

Set namePricePiecesRelease date
41801 Animal Bracelet€6.99TBCJanuary 2023
41802 Unicorn Bracelet €6.99 TBC January 2023
41803 Glitter Splendor Expansion Set€3.99TBCJanuary 2023
41805 Animal Drawer Creative Box€24.99TBCJanuary 2023
41806 Ultimate Party Set€49.99TBCJanuary 2023
41807 Bracelet Design Creative Set€29.99TBCJanuary 2023
41808 Harry Potter€14.99TBCMarch 2023
41809 Harry Potter€19.99TBCMarch 2023
41811 Harry Potter€44.99TBCMarch 2023

A list of rumoured LEGO Harry Potter sets recently surfaced too and you can click here to see what might be coming next year. 

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