LEGO DUPLO Brick Names launched in the USA

A new LEGO website allows children to have their names created with DUPLO bricks as a bespoke product.

Brick Names allows parents to order their child’s name as a set of LEGO DUPLO bricks. When ordering, customers select both the name and colour of bricks that they would like. Currently, the service is only available in the USA.

Create personalized art at home for kids with Brick Names by LEGO® DUPLO®, in collaboration with BuzzFeed Product Labs. Turn any name into a work of art for your child’s next birthday, nursery room or more with our custom kits. Simply enter a name, choose your colors and get a Brick Names kit delivered straight to your door.

The new service is likely to prove popular with parents looking for a unique gift, and it certain that no AFOLs will end up with their name in DUPLO bricks on the shelf or office door…


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