LEGO employees paired up during lockdown to beat isolation

The LEGO Group set up a matchmaking program during lockdown to help their employees beat loneliness and isolation.

Let’s Connect was established during the pandemic to help employees stay connected to one another even when working from home. People could offer up some hobbies they had and would be matched up with another LEGO worker with similar interests from anywhere across the globe.

Now, even after staff are slowly starting to trickle back onto the LEGO Campus and other offices around the world, Let’s Connect is continuing to bring participants together. More than 350 people are taking part and being paired up with new connections from various countries, including Korea, Denmark, Germany, and the United States.

“We created a safe space for everyone and ensured that no one felt alone,” said Legal Operations Specialist Fanni in a statement from the LEGO Group. “Our brave and caring colleagues saw the opportunity and decided to be part of it. I believe this is just the beginning of an amazing journey.”

This isn’t the first initiative designed by the LEGO Group to promote the well-being of their employees. Just a couple of months ago, the annual Play Day returned in-person to bring the benefits of Learning-through-Play to adult employees as well as children around the world.

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