LEGO fans queue for hours for new brick event

It’s not unusual for any LEGO event to be hugely popular with children and adults alike, but the turnout of one event over the recent Easter break took even the organiser by complete surprise.

For some families hoping to get their fix of the brick and provide a bit of late Easter respite, queues were said to be a couple of hours to get into the venue in Fletchers Lea at Ware Priory.

Displayers from around the country turned up to exhibit at Wares The Bricks, the first event of its kind in the Hertfordshire town, with proceeds being donated towards Herts and Essex Air Ambulance.

It was surely worth the wait with plenty of fantastic models on display, including a working roller coaster from Portsmouth and a large scale LEGO city that had travelled from Peterborough to be there.

Darren Neeley, a maths teacher at Marriotts School in Stevenage and self-professed lifelong fan of LEGO admitted “we expected it to be busy, but not this busy!” Having organised a few LEGO parties for his sons in the past he decided to go slightly grander in scale and organise an event for the public to enjoy.

With ticket proceeds going to such good causes and a reason to get families out of the house, it sounds like the popularity of more intimate LEGO shows aren’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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