LEGO Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 75928 Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit review

Is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom a disaster movie, or a rom-com in which Owen Grady pursues his long-lost love, Blue, across a Costa Rican island? While 75928 Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit may not answer that question, it certainly is an excellent LEGO set

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While some scenes from upcoming movies, like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, are hard to decipher from their associated LEGO sets, 75928 Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit is not one of them. A quick glance at this set reveals the high octane action sequence that this product represents, with Blue the Raptor on the run, the ACU in hot pursuit by air and Owen giving chase on a small quad vehicle. Whether the ACU agents and Owen are working together at this point is the only unclear aspect that fans will have to speculate on until the film release.

It is obvious that the majority of this build is the helicopter, which might give LEGO fans reason for trepidation. While there have been some absolutely excellent helicopter based sets, there have been some real clunkers too. The problem that such sets so often face is that the helicopter uses too few pieces, so is not able to be a satisfying minifigure vehicle. Thanks to a decent piece count, that is not the case here.

This helicopter is an absolute treat of a build, even for someone who is not naturally inclined to get excited about LEGO choppers. A reasonably intricate, satisfying build results in a nice, hefty aircraft with suitably large blades. While not a clever function, the blades can be turned using a dial on the underside of the helicopter, giving a natural look to the rotation that cannot be achieved by just flicking them round. The blue and grey colour scheme works very well, finding a nice balance between looking sharp and functional.

What works so well about the helicopter is the scale of it, with room for three minifigures to be seated within – one in the cockpit, two in the back. The size has allowed the designers to pack in a few functions, with a safe at the back that clips in place storing an egg and some weapons. Attachments adorn each side of the vehicle, too. On the right hand side is a floodlight that can be moved in and out, with space for a minifigure to stand alongside as if controlling it.

Stud shooters were divisive when introduced and the small minifigure versions are still not loved by AFOLs – the Gatling gun version is brilliant though, and is mounted on the ACU craft here for rapid fire fun. It is amazing to think that the old Pirates cannons used springs to facilitate a firing action, yet these parts use such a simple mechanism that works so very effectively. The colour of the studs, which matches the syringes found in these sets, suggests that it is designed to incapacitate the dinosaur rather than kill it.

It is not just dinosaurs that the humans are after though, from their frequent appearances in the Jurassic World theme it seems that eggs are popular too – hopefully for preservation rather than consumption. Owen’s simple quad, which looks neat with a red and grey colour scheme, has a wagon on the back that has room for an egg or some equipment.

The third buildable aspect to this set is the Raptor cage. While it would be easy for Blue to hop out of thanks to the small fencing, the dinosaur fits into it better than it fits in the back of 10757 Raptor Rescue Truck. It is a simple little design that serves its purpose, as the helicopter can lift it up using a small crane at the back of the cargo area. There is no winch, it is just attached by bricks.

Three minifigures are included in 75928 Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit, which feels like one too few, so it might be worth borrowing an ACU dude from another set to help fill up the helicopter. Ken Wheatley is a pretty basic hunter looking chap, with an ammo strap over his shirt. The ACU Pilot follows the colour scheme of the ACU minifigures, but has a black vest decorated with many straps and pockets. Finally, mustachioed Owen Grady makes an appearance with a choice between a wry smile or grumpy expression.

In every LEGO Jurassic World set though, the minifigures are outshone by the dinosaur. Blue the Raptor uses a familiar sculpt with excellent deco, that clearly distinguishes it from previously released versions of this particular species. As the dinosaur that had the most screen time in Jurassic World and will likely do so again in the sequel, it is one worth owning.

Some LEGO sets in dinosaur based themes suffer from being all about the moulded creature, rather than the set as a whole. Thankfully, this is not one of them – the build is enjoyable and leads to a nice finished model, with the helicopter, cage and quad all complementing each other as a complete display. Blue is excellent – the minifigures are nothing to shout about, but when everything else works so well, they don’t need to be. For those only dabbling in the LEGO Jurassic World theme this year, this should be one of the sets you own.

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