LEGO flora explored in newly-released Botanical Collection

The LEGO Botanical Collection is now officially available in LEGO Stores and at

The new range of plant-based sets includes the gorgeous 10280 Flower Bouquet. This stunning array of 10 flowers, across six varieties, are designed to be displayed in a real vase. The set has the supreme advantage over natural flowers of not shrivelling up and needing to be thrown out after a few days.

The flower bouquet utilises existing LEGO elements in some very inventive ways. A pterodactyl wing serves as a leaf, halfway up the stem of the peony-like flower. The foxglove-style plant, meanwhile, employs pink bricks turned upside down to represent open flower petals.  

You can find out more about both sets in the new 18+ Botanical Collection with our reviews here and here, at the links below:

10280 Flower Bouquet
10281 Bonsai Tree

The Botanical Collection isn’t the only new release from the Creator Expert line. January 1 also marks the official launch of the much anticipated 10278 Police Station, the 16th entry in the Modular Buildings Collection. This impressive addition to the LEGO street was recently reviewed by Brick Fanatics. You can also check it out lined up against past modular buildings.

For a complete view of all new January 1 releases, across all LEGO themes, head over to our master list.

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