LEGO Friends 41367 Stephanie’s Show Jumping review

Does LEGO Friends 41367 Stephanie’s Show Jumping deserve a place on the podium?

Price: £34.99 / $39.99 / €39.99  Pieces: 337  Available: Now

Equine sports are not a new idea in the LEGO Friends theme, and many large sets have been dedicated either to dressage or show jumping. After a brief break last year to focus on fast-paced car racing, the world of horse eventing has returned to the theme in 2019. However, at only 337 pieces, what can 41367 Stephanie’s Show Jumping offer longstanding fans?


Most of the piece count is dedicated to the main building, which includes the horse stables and a wash stall. There is detail packed into every nook and cranny, with a vast array of role-playing potential. The stables use new door pieces in dark blue with nameplate stickers added onto 1×3 tiles, that also have their own bright colour schemes which helps to differentiate between the two. Within the wash stall are lots of curry combs and a cleverly designed hose-pipe that uses a trans-blue flame piece attached onto a flexible pipe.

On top of the building, the spectators stand uses curved balcony pieces to great effect and the turquoise background is extremely striking – even if the leaping horse logo is a giant sticker. The only problem with the top of the model is the way the golden horseshoe is built onto the wall. Instead of using studs or a small Technic pin, the designer chose a long Technic peg that protrudes from the back and is quite easy to push out.

Even though the jumps are not as detailed as previous sets such as 41057 Heartlake Horse Show, they both have fun play features. To use some horse and LEGO related jargon in one sentence – the rail of the vertical jump can be knocked off as it only rests on hinged plates, whilst the poles of the cross-rail can be raised to form a big oxer. Being able to change the jumps in this way makes up for the fact that there are only two included.

Side builds can be the nemesis of some LEGO sets, but in 41367 Stephanie’s Show Jumping they make perfect sense. The winners’ podium has a great design of 1x4x4 bow bricks clipped onto 1×2 plates to attain the curved horseshoe shape, whilst the encircling stars and trophy stand adds to the sense of triumphant achievement.

Both Stephanie and Zack have newly printed torsos with detailed equine designs, and Zack also has a new riding helmet piece. Another interesting element is Lucy the horse – she is the first Friends horse to come in nougat which makes her look like a real-life chestnut. On most occasions having a Friends doll “standing” in the saddle looks ridiculous, but for show-jumping it actually mimics the correct four-point position – which should please all horsey types.

41367 Stephanie’s Show Jumping is a fantastic set for LEGO fans interested in horse sports and care, managing an almost clear round with very few faults.

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