LEGO Games has its first set – sort of

A new polybag on the official LEGO website has revealed the first set with exclusively LEGO Games branding following rumours of a full theme. 

In 2021, reports of a LEGO Gaming, or LEGO Games theme surfaced with a listing for 76980 Titan being assigned under that category, despite being a LEGO Overwatch set that has yet to be released following a pause in its launch. With no update since that initial report, it appeared that LEGO Games would remain the name for the collection of LEGO video games and the now-defunct board games theme.

Later that year, a new logo for LEGO Games was revealed and now that same branding can be found on 30629 Finnius Dash, a mysterious new LEGO polybag as revealed on the Certifications and Policies page on This may be a hint that the rumoured LEGO football game has some accuracy to it as you can read in our initial report

However, the focus of this article is on the fact that LEGO Games now has a set with specific branding. It may be that 30629 Finnius Dash is a gift to be included with selected editions of the rumoured game but nothing has been officially confirmed.  


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Despite this, previous LEGO minifigures featured in games have used brandings appropriate to the license such as Marvel and Star Wars though that may not be applicable to original characters and properties as 30629 Finnius Dash appears to be. 

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