LEGO Ideas is heading for another huge review in January

It’s not even the end of November but there are already 30 submissions that have qualified for the next LEGO Ideas review.

It’s almost exactly three months since the latest LEGO Ideas phase opened its doors, and with a cutoff point of ‘early January 2023’, there are still around six weeks to go before those doors swing shut. There are already 30 designs that have reached the 10,000 supporter mark, with a flurry crossing the line over the past few days.

Looking at the platform as it stands, there are 16 submissions that have already passed the 8,000 vote mark and so their designers could, with a push, easily get across the line by early January. Having said that, the recent Taylor Swift inspired Lover House went from zero to 10,000 votes in around 48 hours, so there could well be some more surprise entries over the Christmas period.

Of the 30 already qualified, there is a real mix. Two are inspired by TV shows, four by movies and two from the world of video gaming. Technology is behind three sets with a Cipher machine, a mechanical clock and a model of the James Webb Space Telescope. Buildings of various description fill out the bulk of the remaining ideas, with a few novel designs rounding out the 30 successful submissions.


The variety on offer continues to impress as does the complexity of the models and the skill of the designers. Compared to the early days of Cuusoo / Ideas, when models often looked ‘homemade’, many recent designs look as though they already belong on the shelf. It’s likely that by the time the window closes on this particular round, the LEGO team will have around 50 – if not more – sets to consider. As to which, if any, sets will qualify, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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