LEGO Ideas is sporting a brand new contest with a huge prize

LEGO Ideas has launched another new contest, this time themed to sports and it comes with a truly huge prize package.

LEGO Ideas is inviting fans to join in on a brand new contest, to show off their love of sports using LEGO bricks and have a chance at winning a prize including all the 2020 LEGO Ideas sets as well as some future releases.

Here is the official explanation for the contest taken from the contest page:

You could be a lifelong fan who loves their team, to a casual supporter who watches an event once a year. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is how you can show your love for sports by using – yup you guessed it – LEGO bricks!


There is only one prize for one winner in this contest, and it includes a huge range of LEGO sets and custom items, including 40448 Vintage car which recently appeared in a LEGO store:

However, there is one other potential prize in this contest for anyone whose project reaches the fan vote phase. Just like the ‘music to our ears’ contest, any entry that reaches the final phase of voting will be reviewed by LEGO Ideas judges to potentially become a real set.

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