LEGO Legends of Chima concept art showcases early designs for the in-house theme

A seasonal showcase of Legends of Chima concept art and early pitch designs is taking us behind the scenes of the original LEGO theme.

The co-creator of LEGO NINJAGO, Tommy Andreasen, has been revealing a variety of previously unseen concept art for the now-retired Legends of Chima on Twitter, detailing what the theme could have been had it taken a different path.

The latest of the Twitter posts includes a video made to explain the ending of Legends of Chima internally to the LEGO Group. Tommy Andreasen also explains that this ending was initially intended to include another Pheonix character named Florax who was eventually cut from the series.


There are plenty of other tweets to browse through using the 24 days of Chima hashtag, with the below gallery including a mix of the other concept art from original ideas for the theme not involving humanoid animals to early sketches for locations that did appear in the TV show. You can find these and more images on Tommy Andreasen’s Twitter account.

While LEGO Legends of Chima ended in 2015, being able to see behind the curtain at the development of the range not only as waves of sets but also a TV series show exactly how much work goes into one of the LEGO Group’s big bang themes, a topic that was recently discussed in an official LEGO podcast.

Featured image: Tommy Andreasen

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One thought on “LEGO Legends of Chima concept art showcases early designs for the in-house theme

  • 13/02/2022 at 02:12

    These images are wrongly credited. Tommy was the creator of the serie but these images were designed by Aaron Limonick, Marcus Hoogveld and Jose F. Martinez. The colors were done by Erik Fokkens. Art direction was done by ALexander Lindner


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