LEGO MASTERS China’s premier season includes a Monkie Kid episode

LEGO MASTERS China has started its first season of the regional show, with a trailer showcasing an upcoming episode based on Monkie Kid.

A trailer for the episode was highlighted by Twitter user MonkieKidNews after being posted on the official Weibo account, showcasing the building challenges that await the contestants and which official models will feature in the show

This isn’t the first time that a version of LEGO MASTERS has crossed over with a LEGO theme, with the Australian and US variants of the series including an instalment featuring Star Wars creations. However, it is notable because Monkie Kid is an in-house theme and not a licensed one.

The trailer includes sets from the first wave of the theme including 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech and 80011 Red Son’s Inferno Truck. The challenges appear to integrate these builds with one seeing the contestants building the former model, or maybe taking it apart to rebuild into another creation.

Original builds that will be featured in the episode, built by the contestants including those inspired by Chinese culture and mythology such as a dragon and archer.

This instalment of LEGO MASTERS China will air this evening at 21:10 CST according to the Twitter user, with the time confirmed in the trailer. Availability of the series outside the region has not been announced, though english-speaking versions of LEGO MASTERS have come to the UK before. In other LEGO MASTERS news, the show was recently renewed in the US for the third season.

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