LEGO Minecraft might be revisiting a spin-off game in summer 2021

A new list of potential sets coming to the LEGO Minecraft theme this summer might have been found, giving fans a taste of what may be next.

LEGO Minecraft is continuing into 2021 with a new collection of sets having just launched and two more on the way in March. Beyond even those, however, four more may have been discovered, according to an online listing.

The Spanish retailer Libreriatilos was the first to list the supposed sets, which have then been reported by YouTuber Ashnflash. This list should only be considered a rumour until the LEGO Group makes an official announcement, meaning any information regarding them may be incorrect.

The listed LEGO Minecraft set names have been translated from Spanish and include The Ruined Portal with 316 pieces. It’s possible that such a model may be based on the in-game structure of the same name which depicts a half-built portal surrounded by lava and materials found in the Nether dimension.

The second set listed is translated as The Tower to Heaven with 565 pieces, and the third as The Modern Treehouse with 909 pieces. Another that appears on the original list is titled The Horse Stable with 241 pieces.

The final set is listed as The Jungle Abomination with 489 pieces. This potential set name might be more confusing than the others, but to Minecraft Dungeons fans it may be familiar. The Jungle Abomination was the name of a boss enemy as part of The Jungle Awakens DLC, meaning the build may be based around the spin-off game Minecraft Dungeons, like 21163 The Redstone Battle.

None of these potential sets are confirmed and should be treated as rumours until the LEGO Group makes an official announcement. Thankfully LEGO Minecraft fans can keep themselves entertained with the new models that are now available, and a set based on another Minecraft spin-off game coming in March.

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