LEGO NINJAGO Season 8 dubbed ‘Sons of Garmadon’

The new season of LEGO NINJAGO will air in 2018 and is subtitled ‘Sons of Garmadon’.

The Brick Fan attended the LEGO NINJAGO TV series panel at San Diego Comic Con, which saw the talent behind the show discuss the last season and look ahead to what is coming next year.

The opening sequence for Season 8 was screened, with The Brick Fan sharing this description of the footage:

You can see a group of ninjas trying to steal a secret kabuki mask from a museum. The ninjas have a cool outfit which reminds me of Power Rangers Samurai. The alarm goes off and Lloyd goes chasing after them. The leader of the gang gets away on a bike and Lloyd calls Pixal for his car which looks pretty cool. At the end, the bad guy flies off in a parachute and gets away.


The Hageman brothers, the long-term writers on the series, told the audience that the show is maturing along with its fan base. Sam Vincent will be joining the series to voice Lloyd as part of these developments.

Interestingly, despite great efforts to distinguish the regular version of NINJAGO and The LEGO NINJAGO Movie this year, the next season will see the character designs look a little closer to the movie versions in order to keep new fans on board.



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