LEGO Overwatch 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt review

It is time for the tanks in 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt, a set that brings two of the most essential heroes to the LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Overwatch theme

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One of the joys of Overwatch is the sheer variety of heroes that cater to all play styles and offer countless variations on how to achieve the same goals. Assembling a balanced team is often the difference between glorious victory and a crushing defeat. Heroes in the tank category are the big-hitters of the Overwatch world. These larger, more durable heroes are usually tasked with holding objectives, grinding down opponents and protecting more fragile teammates. Even so, no two tanks are the same – and no two tanks exemplify this better than the stars of 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt.

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Hero of the German military, Reinhardt is considered a must-pick for many competitive Overwatch teams. Slow moving and resilient, Reinhardt is a mobile wall – using his giant energy barrier to escort his more squishy comrades towards the objective. In brick form, his Crusader armour is appropriately heavyweight, with its oversized pauldrons and meaty gauntlets. The copious use of slopes, spikes and contrasting greys break up any flat surfaces and evoke the overlapping plates of a medieval knight’s protective garb. Oddly, his lower limbs come across as a bit of an afterthought – rigid, plain boxes that lack the dynamism and detail of his upper body.

Reinhardt’s minifigure is a cute, miniature twin of his larger self that slots into the top of the armour leaving only his head poking out, like a particularly spiky sumo suit. The giant Rocket Hammer can even be broken down into a smaller version for him to wield. An extra hairpiece allows his grizzled visage to be seen, too.

Celebrity pro-gamer turned mech pilot D.Va fulfils a different role. Nimble and elusive, her brief is to harass the flanks and rear of an enemy team before withdrawing to safety. If Reinhardt’s armour is an example of functional, German engineering, D.Va’s mech feels more like a classic car with its curved bodywork and bright pink paintjob. The cockpit section essentially involves building a box and attaching winglets, thrusters and stud launchers. The legs, in contrast to Reinhardt, appear full of potential energy and are poised as if ready to spring forward. Plenty of ankle articulation is essential for balancing a model that is noticeably top heavy. Sponsor decals provide the finishing touch for those with a steady hand who don’t mind multiple sticker applications.

D.Va’s minifigure has a dual-sided head, giving the option of a wink or nonchalantly blowing a bubble gum bubble. Her bodysuit will be familiar to anyone who has spent enough time on the Overwatch Twitch streams, although it would have been nice to have some colour added to pick out the headphone strap from the flowing locks on her headpiece.

Although not entirely flawless – scale purists may wish to overt their eyes – the LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Overwatch design team have captured the spirit of the game by providing two equally satisfying but distinct solutions to the same conundrum (little minifigure + big suit).

The pair provide a varied build experience and models that are full of character while still retaining a tactile and playable feel. Conventional Overwatch wisdom suggests a team is not complete without at least two tanks. In this case, the same can be said of your LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Overwatch collection – and the quality of 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt means they virtually select themselves.

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