LEGO Rolling BB-8 hits 10k on Ideas

Keeping with this mornings Star Wars themed news, over night another project hit the 10,000 milestone on LEGO Ideas and joins the following projects in the next review stage; Fossil Museum, the Gingerbread House, the Modular Train Station, the Old Fishing Store, the Jedi High Council, and Particle Accelerator, and the Jurassic Park Visitor Center.

The project is yet another IP based project and while I think this is a highly popular project, I still think due to it being based on an existing LEGO license IP it will struggle to pass the review stage. Which I am hoping eventually to be proven wrong about! Rolling BB-8 project by mjsmiley is based on everyones new favourite droid and it actually rolls on it’s platform. Why I think it’s so cool is it only used official LEGO elements and the best use of a planet shell I’ve seen.

The models concept features are as follows:

  • This Model is able to roll on a single axis while keeping BB-8’s Head up on Top!
  • BB-8 Comes with attachable arms for both his Electric Zapper and Thumbs-up Torch abilities
  • BB-8 has a desert base station that uses a turn crank to demonstrate his rolling ability
  • The base station has a compartment to hold BB-8’s accessories

About the Design:

This unique BB-8 was designed with the primary goal of being able to move with his head staying up on top.  The entire model was made using 100% Genuine Lego parts.  His shells were of course carefully painted (and if this model is approved and created by Lego, the parts would come printed as so many Lego parts are).  Inside you’ll find Lego weights suspended from the central axle that bolster up two Lego magnets.  Those magnets are held up close to the top of the ball and attract the two magnets built into BB-8’s head.  The head uses a cockpit dome (painted), hinge parts, and the smallest Lego wheels to skate on top of the body.  The body’s shell started out as Tatooine from the Lego Star Wars Planet series.  The total part count is around 180 pieces.

This Rolling BB-8 is super fun to fidget with, roll about, and satisfies a midpoint between static model and full on electric RC.  It would make a great addition to any Lego or Star Wars Fan’s collection!


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