LEGO sets have August US release dates pushed back

As a result of the coronavrius pandemic and its knock on effect, the LEGO Group have pushed back the release dates of sets for fans in the USA.

August 1 came and went for fans in the USA with fewer new LEGO releases than would be expected. New sets were expected for Friends, City, Star Wars, Harry Potter, although thankfully LEGO Super Mario did get its intended launch.

The LEGO AFOL Engagement Team has confirmed that due to coronavirus causing the Mexico production facility being closed down for a period of time, the new sets have been delayed and will arrive at some point during August.

A representative from AFOLET explained: ” The typical Europe = June sets that equal NA = August sets have been impacted by the closing of the Mexico factory.”

Further explanation confirms that there is now no fixed release date for the August 1 sets: “I have been informed that due to the LEGO Mexico factory closures, we (in NA) moved out a list of products from Aug. 1 to Sep. 1.  With that said, we have been informed we can sell the products upon receipt so we may launch them prior to Sept. 1st. This is why these items are listed as “coming soon” without a date. So they will launch anytime between now and Sept. 1st.”

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