LEGO Star Wars 40299 Kessel Mine Worker minifigure spotlight

The film’s title characterfilm deserves plenty of minifigures, as this new Han Solo release from Solo: A Star Wars Story demonstrates

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One of the delights of a new Star Wars film is that it introduces new obscure background characters, perfect for fleshing out LEGO dioramas. A key sequence in Solo: A Star Wars Story sees our group of ne’er-do-wells seeking to liberate coaxium from the famed Spice Mines of Kessel, with plenty of varied background characters filling out the scenes.

LEGO Star Wars 40299 Kessel Mine Worker 17

As well as including a selection of the core gang, 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon comes with Quay Tolsite, DD-BD and the Kessel Operations Droid. They cut a lonely trio – where are they supposed to be displayed? Thankfully the Kessel Mine Worker has arrived to keep them company, perhaps encouraging collectors to build a little bit of scenery to display the group in.

While the character may add to the Kessel roster, it is not the most vital minifigure. These guys do not see much action in the film, and it will be a case of pausing the Blu-ray release to find out just how much screen time they actually get.

That said, the minifigure is a reasonable representation of the on-screen character, although for some reason has no headgear, despite the image below showing that these guys wear hats in the movie. There is a certain 1950s sci-fi aesthetic to the yellow and white costume, with the red visor contrasting nicely.

Bricks and instructions to build a stand for the minifigure are included too, which means there is a sticker that says ‘Kessel Mine Worker’. There is not even such a sticker for the slightly more important character of Darth Vader, which would make it really odd if the minifigures released this way were ever really lined up as intended.

How this polybag will be made available has not yet been announced.

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