LEGO Star Wars 40300 Han Solo Mudtrooper minifigure spotlight

The film’s title characterfilm deserves plenty of minifigures, as this new Han Solo release from Solo: A Star Wars Story demonstrates

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It may have come and gone with less fanfare that its predecessors, but a Star Wars film was indeed released a couple of months ago. Solo: A Star Wars Story follows the adventure of Han Solo, as he goes from a life of servitude on Corellia to piloting the Millennium Falcon. To get there though, he has a few trials – one of which is serving as a foot soldier of the Empire on Mimban.

LEGO Star Wars 40300 Han Solo Mudtrooper 16

During this part of the film, Han is decked out in Imperial armour, fighting on a chaotic battlefield. When Beckett stitches him up, he is thrown into a prison where he encounters Chewbacca. During a real fight that turns into a faux fight, the Wookiee submerges him in mud – it seems that this minifigure is based on that very specific, very muddy scene.

The graphic designer has done a great job of capturing detail on this minifigure, managing to convey that this is an Imperial uniform – but one covered in mud, as illustrated by the drip lines all over the torso and legs.

What adds to the fun is the mud splats on Han’s face, which has the options of looking shocked or looking determined. The former seems perfect for when he encounters Chewbacca, the latter for when he is frustrated that his future friend will not listen. Best of all is the hair, which is in a unique colour to represent just how thoroughly caked in mud the smuggler is.

The now usual buildable minifigure stand is included, with a rather boring backdrop to attach to it.

How this polybag will be made available has not yet been announced.

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