LEGO Star Wars gift box revealed by Russian Certified LEGO Store

A Russian Certified LEGO Store has revealed the existence of an upcoming LEGO Star Wars gift box. Unfortunately, its existence is basically all we know at this point.

What’s in this mysterious box? When will it be released? Where will it be released? Will we see it outside of Russia? How will we get our hands on it? Can we buy it, or will it be a gift-with-purchase?

These are all great questions – for another time. For now, all we know is that the box is definitely real. That’s thanks to Instagram user Nikolay (h/t Zusammengebaut), who found the box at a Russian online LEGO store.

LEGO Star Wars Gift Box 2

This wouldn’t be the first LEGO Star Wars Mystery Box, of course. In April 2019, gave away a box of five polybags with qualifying orders. That precedent suggests this new box – if it comes to pass – could also include LEGO Star Wars polybags, such as 75522 Droid Commander or 30461 Podracer.

The packaging indicates we should at least see a BB-8 minifigure in there, though that would necessitate a brand new polybag. So, maybe this box will be something completely different! The possibilities are endless, and we’re sure the reality will definitely live up to that promise. Either way, we’ll keep you posted as we find out more.

Update: suggests this may be a promotion devised entirely by the Russian store. The retailer apparently has precedent, having previously sold LEGO CITY gift boxes at the same price point. In short: don’t expect to see the LEGO Star Wars box at a store near you.

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