LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures ‘A New Home’ review

The Freemakers, the scrappy salvaging siblings are back for another season of LEGO Star Wars adventures. Does the season premiere offer the promise of great things for Season Two?

Title: A New Home  Season: 2  Episode: 1  Original air date: June 17, 2017

The first season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures ended on a surprising note with the Rebel Alliance approaching Rowan and his family, having heard of their conflict with Emperor Palpatine, to ask if the three siblings wanted to work for the Rebel Alliance. With no other place to go and Rowan’s name added to the Emperor’s most wanted list, they decided to jump on this chance to become part of something bigger. Before they officially join the ranks, however, the Freemakers have to prove their worth and demonstrate what each member of the crew is capable of accomplishing.

‘A New Home’ focuses on each Freemaker’s speciality, from Kordi’s bartering skills to Zander’s piloting prowess, as well as their ability to work together as a team. Originally released as individual animated shorts on May the Fourth, the full episode does an equally fantastic job of transitioning the audience from the first to the second season, incorporating the right amount of humour, references, and new characters along the way.



Take, for example, the scene in which the Freemakers meet Admiral Ackbar in the hangar of Home One. Right from the start, viewers will find themselves laughing when Ackbar asks Rowan what he did to infuriate the Emperor. Rowan takes the time to recount the story of how he stole the Kyber Saber, emphasizing how it is the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Ackbar and the other rebels hang onto his every word only to be disappointed when Rowan says that he threw the saber into a lava pit and destroyed it.

The comedy continues throughout the episode, with notable moments including Roger doing anything he can to impress his fellow droids, Zander building a monstrous starfighter to contribute to the cause and the team contracting the Gamorrean Flu.

The episode also highlights a theme the series established in the first season – to be a builder. Roger goes about building a buffer machine to make new friends, Rowan saves the day when he reassembles the broken ships prior to an important mission and the team helped modify Zander’s Blazemaker, equipping it with a crazy amount of blasters. It is a theme the audience will continue to see moving forward, especially when Rowan discovers his purpose in Season Two and how it is intertwined with the Arrowhead starship.


Some notable appearances in this episode also include Chopper from Star Wars Rebels, new character and starfighter pilot Lieutenant Valeria (voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown), and the return of Durpin and Plumestriker who have grown to be favourites in the fan community. LEGO fans will also appreciate the inclusion of 75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter and the Millennium Falcon, which is seen in a beautiful shot with the StarScavenger at its side.

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures not only captures everything the audience loves about the galaxy far, far away, but it also gets everything right when it comes to LEGO. Season One won over fans because of its originality and fun nature, and this transitional episode into the second season is no exception. The crew is now officially part of the Rebel Alliance which promises plenty more amusing adventures featuring these original LEGO Star Wars characters.

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Johnamarie Macias is the keeper of She also writes for Jedi News and podcasts in a variety of shows, including Star Scavengers, a LEGO Star Wars podcast with a focus on The Freemaker Adventures.

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