LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures ‘The Pit and the Pinnacle’ review

Using his unique Force building abilities, Rowan leads the Freemakers to a planet filled with Kyber crystals and familiar bat-like creatures in today’s episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

Title: The Pit and the Pinnacle  Season: 2  Episode: 8  Original air date: August 8, 2017

Despite meeting a peaceful group of Force worshiping Lurmen in the previous episode, the mission to find a Kyber crystal big enough to power the Arrowhead was unsuccessful. The pressure is now on for Rowan and the gang to locate the crystal he had envisioned at the start of the season, especially since the fate of the galaxy is at stake.

In ‘The Pit and the Pinnacle,’ they continue their search and that brings them to a planet rich with Force-imbued crystals. While Roger and Zander work on the damaged StarScavenger, Kordi and Rowan head out to search for the perfect Kyber crystal, but the ones they find are too small to be an energy source for a starship. Along the way, Rowan starts to feel self-doubt and the overwhelming threat of dark side.


Spoilers follow, so please watch the episode before reading the review if you wish to avoid them.


The Freemaker Adventures does a fantastic job when it comes to expanding the Jedi lore. It doesn’t ever feel forced or uncharacteristic of Star Wars. The creative team keeps building onto the story in such clever and imaginative ways that appeal to both children and adults, and this episode is another example of that. When Rowan is going through the tests in the ancient Jedi Temple that he and Kordi discover, it truly embraces those parts of Star Wars that have always captured our imagination and it makes you feel like you are part of the adventure.

Another aspect commonly seen in Star Wars that The Freemaker Adventures always gets right is the value of family. Pairing up Kordi with Rowan not only gave us one of the best scenes in Star Wars storytelling, but we got to see how self-doubt should be handled even in our own everyday lives. When Rowan felt the baggage on his shoulders weighing him down and thought through what the consequences might be if the Arrowhead were to fall into the wrong hands, Kordi didn’t slap him on the shoulder and tell him to buck up. She sat beside him and gave him the encouraging words he needed to hear while also being realistic about the situation.


It was heartwarming to see such a tender scene between an older sister and her younger brother. Oftentimes, entertainment focuses on the stereotypical sibling relationship that involves fighting and yelling, but the relationships in The Freemaker Adventures continue to be both refreshing and inspiring.

The writers and animators truly outdid themselves with this episode, especially when Rowan and Kordi referenced the last words Jek-14 told him in Season One, ‘be a builder.’ That was the answer all along. It wasn’t about finding a crystal that was big enough for the Arrowhead. It was about building one from scratch. This was the part that made jaws drop because that’s exactly what Jedi Master Baird Kantoo did all those years ago when he built the Kyber Saber on the same planet. The references and connections to the past season were superbly done. Everything in this show flows so well together and that makes for great and memorable storytelling.


While all of this is happening, Zander and Roger were serving up some amazing Mynock humor. The little buggers kept going after the StarScavenger, so using Roger as a distraction naturally led to a few good laughs.

After every peak, however, comes a valley. On the Imperial side of things, M-OC is one step closer to obtaining Rowan, now that he’s getting an upgraded tracker that will help him locate the Freemakers more accurately. It’s only a matter of time before M-OC completes his mission, and there’s no doubt fans are eager to find out what happens next.

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Johnamarie Macias is the keeper of She also writes for Jedi News and podcasts in a variety of shows, including Star Scavengers, a LEGO Star Wars podcast with a focus on The Freemaker Adventures.

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