LEGO Star Wars: The Official Stormtrooper Training Manual review

This recent LEGO Star Wars release provides a tongue in cheek in-universe manual for Stormtrooper training and a Snowtrooper minifigure

Author: Arie Kaplan Publisher: Scholastic RRP: £7.99 Available: Now

This fun little release from Scholastic is aimed at younger readers. It comes in a fold out format, with the main book on the right hand side and an activity book on the left. A Snowtrooper minifigure is cover mounted, to be popped out and assembled. It should be noted that this is a book with small dimensions, around 17cm x 15cm.

The included minifigure is a Snowtrooper, which although not as uncommon as it used to be is still a nice troop builder to get. A regular Stormtrooper would have been more appropriate, but if the book can be had for around £5 then the minifigure alone makes it a no-brainer.


The main book is written as a manual for wannabe Stormtroopers. The writing is accessible for the target audience, but the humour is still sharp – ‘These are the Imperial stormtroopers, the peacekeepers of the spaceways’. There really are a few good giggles for fans of any age, making it fun to flick through. If purchased for a young fan, it should be noted that the book is excessively held in place by the back cover slipping through a cardboard insert, which is stickered down – a parent should help open this up, to avoid it getting ripped.

The activity book is made up of word puzzles and quizzes that should amuse children. The imagery, like that in the main book, seems to be a mix of video game stills, TV special stills and bespoke CG minfigures.

At the right price, the minifigure makes this worthwhile and the accompanying book provides a few chuckles. This one is for the younger demographic of LEGO fans though, so unless an AFOL wants the minifigure it’s one to skip.

LEGO Star Wars: The Official Stormtrooper Training Manual is available now from Amazon. You can help support Brick Fanatics’ work by using our affiliate links.


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