LEGO Stores allow customers to ‘be a part of the brand’

The LEGO CEO has explained the retail strategy that is being pursued following the company’s annual results.

In the LEGO Group’s annual results, the roll-out of another 150 branded stores were announced for the next year. CEO Niels B Christiansen, told the BBC that he “wanted people to get their hands on bricks and be a part of the brand.”

“Some of the changes in the retail landscape have put toy retailers under pressure,” he said. “But we see the great power of people getting their hands on bricks.”

While LEGO Stores were initially only opened on a small scale, recent years has seen the concept expand across the USA, Europe and now China. Of the 150 new stores, 80 will be in China, bringing the total number there to 220.

Brand stores have typically made other retailers wary, as a company like the LEGO Group manufacturing and selling their own products potentially eliminates the need for toy stores. Given the closure of Toys R Us though, physical toy stores are fewer in number than ever before – particularly in the US.

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