LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong sets could offer plenty of potential

There’s certainly plenty of potential for multiple characters and locations to appear in any possible future LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong sets.

The LEGO Group celebrated MAR10 Day in style yesterday, with a livestream that not only shone a spotlight on the event, but also revealed a first look at two new upcoming sets. Launching on August 1, 2023, 71423 Dry Bowser Castle Battle should be an impressive addition to the current line-up of available models, with the 1,321-piece build featuring multiple play features, hidden secrets and a skeletal version of Mario’s arch nemesis.

In addition, it was announced that Donkey Kong will be added to the LEGO Super Mario theme in summer 2023. The brick-built primate was showcased in the livestream, with Mario placed on the character’s back and riding him, although he’s never actually done so in any Nintendo video game to date. There’s no word yet on whether just one or multiple sets featuring Donkey Kong will be coming this year or if this is potentially an early indication of a sub-theme within LEGO Super Mario, similar to recent Luigi’s Mansion models.

LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong

If it’s the latter, then there’s certainly plenty of source material for the LEGO Super Mario design team to choose from. The brick-built version of DK with a red tie is based on the character’s appearance in Donkey Kong Country, the first solo video game outing for the super-sized simian, released by developer Rare in 1994. The massively-successful game went on to spawn multiple sequels and introduced a whole troop of ape-related characters to the series.

Donkey Kong Country
Image: Nintendo

Potential future LEGO Super Mario sets could possibly see the introduction of DK’s nephew sidekick, Diddy Kong, the elderly Cranky Kong and Diddy’s cousin, Dixie Kong, plus new villains in the shape of King K. Rool and his army of Kremlings. In addition, the jungle island setting of the games could offer plenty of build and play opportunities across a wide range of interactive models, although that’s just pure wish fulfilment on our part.

Recent rumours suggest that a number of LEGO Super Mario sets could be arriving in 2023, although there’s been no official word from the LEGO Group so far regarding the models.

Every LEGO Super Mario set rumoured for 2023

LEGO set  Price  Pieces  Release date  
71420 TBC  TBC  106  TBC 2023  
71421 TBC  TBC  174  TBC 2023  
71422 TBC  TBC  259  TBC 2023  
71424 TBC  TBC  554  TBC 2023  
71425 TBC  TBC  1,157  TBC 2023  
71426 [18+]  TBC  TBC  December 2023  

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