LEGO Technic 42155 Batman – The Batcycle review

LEGO Technic 42155 Batman – The Batcycle is the first DC set of 2023 and while the model impresses, it lacks touches to make it distinctly DC.

Following 42127 The Batman – Batmobile from 2022, the Technic design team is digging into The Batman again for the first DC build of 2023, instead depicting the other vehicle used by Batman in the gritty film, a motorcycle. With the interesting developments currently taking place over at DC Studios and the current state of the DC film slate, the expectations for 42155 The Batman – Batcycle may have been raised.

Keeping in mind that 42155 The Batman – Batcycle is the only new LEGO DC set for 2023 so far, the Technic creation functions fine as a depiction of a standard motorcycle – but thanks to the design and tone of The Batman, it struggles to be anything more.

— LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle set details —

Theme: LEGO Technic Set name: 42155 Batman – The Batcycle Release: March 1, 2023


Price: £49.99 / $49.99 / €54.99 Pieces: 641

LEGO: Available now

— Where to buy LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle

The second LEGO Technic set based on The Batman is available from, LEGO Stores and other third-party retailers. See below for the latest deals on 42155 The Batman – Batcycle.

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— LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle build —

The designers behind 42155 The Batman – Batcycle have chosen to hide almost all of the mechanisms in the build, an interesting take compared to many of the other LEGO Technic sets currently available. This provides a nominally different and sleek experience, with some repetitive parts that are worth the effort in the end.

The functions in 42155 The Batman – Batcycle include suspension on the front and back wheel, a working engine with the usual piston pieces and a chain that spins with the back wheel. The suspension is integrated well into the model in a way that makes sense, as is the engine. However, the commitment to accuracy means that the pistons are completely obscured when complete.

It’s not hard to remove the subassemblies and watch them work, but it begs the question of why this feature is in the build when it’s deliberately designed to be hidden. It’s a wholly accurate choice, but one that feels antithetical to the nature of LEGO Technic.

In 42127 The Batman – Batmobile, the engine is exposed – which is accurate to the film – and this odd design keeps the car feeling realistic, but distinct enough to be recognised as a Batman vehicle. In comparison, the only Batman-adjacent element of 42155 The Batman – Batcycle is the cowl-shaped front of the motorcycle, but you only see the shape when looking at the right angle.

This isn’t necessarily a flaw of the Technic creation as it’s only recreating what appeared in the film, but it’s worth mentioning that the model feels slightly too tall in its proportions. Still, this second The Batman Technic build feels far lesser than the first even with the proportionate price taken into account, and that feeling isn’t elevated by this being the only LEGO DC set confirmed for 2023 so far, too.

When you’ve finished the building experience, 42155 The Batman – Batcycle looks good on display and it’s a pleasing recreation of a standard motorcycle, or at least that’s what it feels limited to. This is no fault of the Technic designers, but we wonder whether this was the best choice for another Technic Batman build with so many previous films to dive into.

— LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle price —

42155 The Batman – Batcycle can be yours for £49.99 / $49.99 / €54.99. That’s nearly half as much as 42127 The Batman – Batmobile in most regions and the experience is halved too. The volume of the final model is good, though nowhere near the same scale as the previous Technic The Batman build in case you want to display them side-by-side.

42155 The Batman – Batcycle is fine in terms of value, despite the clear issue of having no strong visual ties to DC (by design, as it follows the appearance of the source material). At this asking price, it’s relatively affordable – especially when compared to 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R, as the Batcycle has nearly the same piece count for £10 / $30 / €15 less.

— LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle pictures —

— LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle pros and cons —

As a motorcycle, 42155 The Batman – Batcycle is great; it’s more affordable than the other large LEGO Technic motorcycles currently available but is packed with the necessary features and details, even though it opts for accuracy rather than showcasing the inner workings of the Technic mechanisms.

However, it doesn’t feel like a Batman set, thanks in no small part to the realistic but gritty style of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. With only the suggested shape of the cowl, the dark colour scheme isn’t enough to carry the Batman branding. Remove the logo from the box and you would have no idea that this was a DC Technic model.

As a LEGO set, 42155 The Batman – Batcycle is good, but it unfortunately is the only LEGO DC model confirmed for 2023 so far. In that respect, it’s a disappointment as the source material is arguably the weaker of the two vehicles in The Batman, perhaps explaining why this is launching after 42127 The Batman – Batmobile.

42155 The Batman – Batcycle pros42155 The Batman – Batcycle cons
Excellently recreates the source materialDeliberately hides an interesting mechanism
An affordable, impressive LEGO motorcycleDoesn’t feel like a Batman build, especially compared to 42127 The Batman – Batmobile

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— Alternatives to LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle

There are three LEGO Technic motorcycles other than 42155 The Batman – Batcycle, but two are either significantly larger or smaller. The most similar alternative to 42155 The Batman – Batcycle in terms of a motorcycle model is 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R. It’s a lot brighter than The Batman model, so offers something visually different within the same concept.

For a notably darker alternative, your next option is going to be 42127 The Batman – Batmobile, albeit at a much higher price. It’s also related to The Batman as the only other LEGO Technic set based on the film.

— LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle FAQs —

How long does it take to build LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle?

It took us one hour and 50 minutes to finish 42155 The Batman – Batcycle, with only one especially repetitive step involving putting the numerous pieces of the chain links together.

How many pieces are in LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle?

There are 641 pieces in 42155 The Batman – Batcycle, just five fewer than in 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R for £10 / $30 / €15 less.

How big is LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle?

Though not at the same scale as 42127 The Batman – Batmobile, 42155 The Batman – Batcycle shouldn’t be hard to display at 16cm high, 33cm long and 11cm wide.

How much does LEGO Technic 42155 The Batman – Batcycle cost?

42155 The Batman – Batcycle is available now from, LEGO Stores and third-party retailers for £49.99 / $49.99 / €54.99.

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